“She is the modernity

that villages lack

and the tradition

long forgotten by cities.

You come, you see, she conquers you.”

Writes Indhumathi about Madurai.

What could serve as a better testimonial to these lines than the opening of Marriott International a premier global hotel chain spreading its wings to Madurai. International firm Honeywell called Madurai its home more than a decade ago followed suit by the Indian IT firm  HCL Technologies.

All these goes on to prove that this 2500 + yrs old city has been reincarnating itself to be a city to reckon with over all these years. With a slew of startups calling this city its home, its now time to up the game. The rise of people from this region going on to to lead international giants like Google is well known. This is what makes Madurai a special city that connects modernity with tradition, technology with humaneness, cutting edge next-gen products with native crafts, business with tourism.

As metros and tier-1 cities get saturated in terms of quality of life, inability to catch up in terms of infrastructure, traffic woes, threat of looming environmental impact, increasing crime incidents it is only sensible to look at the next set of cities that can catapult the state and the country in growth path. From that perspective, Madurai offers more reasons to be the next business hub after the capital city of Chennai & textile town Coimbatore.

With an assured supply of talent from a slew of institutions across engineering, arts & science, medical & management streams, start-ups can have a marriage of convenience when they choose Madurai as their startup destination. Among the many other parameters, Madurai scores on cost of living, tourist destinations (so you can take your clients on an extended traditional & cultural tour), International & domestic air connectivity, good infrastructure in terms of road and rail, good potable water, that you can still call it as elixir of life in this part of the world.

Don’t misunderstand it as ranting – Global real estate firm JLL considers Madurai as one of the cities that is going to help fuel the next phase of the growth and this is the only city from south tamilnadu. As more and more people attain saturation with their high flying metro lives, people are looking at returning home just like our Honorable MLA, Shri. PTR Thiagarajan, who inspite of having a high earning coveted job returned home for spearheading growth initiatives for the city and the state. In these well-regarded people, start-ups have a ready base of mentors and investors that they can tap into for their survival and success.

Are you a budding entrepreneur or a person with an idea or an owner of an established business, come to Madurai and you know what difference it could make in your lives.

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– Krishna,Guest Blogger