Post Cards As a tool for Communication: Post Cards used to be the common source of communication for people some years ago, now in a digitized era where we all are locked on with keyboards through our computers, laptops, tabs and mobiles to send communication fast and far.

I just wondered what if we could go back on time and try to get youngsters to try to take up letter writing in a short form through post cards. The best way to take in this direction is to encourage the youngsters to start using post cards which are cheaper and an effective manner to communicate something with their own personal writing.

Magnificent Madurai: The desire to promote the varied aspects of a cultural city like Madurai grew stronger day by day within me and the thought of a Post Card kept lingering as well. My passion for clicking photos seems to have coincided with my desire and that was the birth of the Picture Post Cards of Madurai themed “Magnificent Madurai”.  

Magnificent Madurai Printed Post Cards is a small contribution from my side towards promoting the interesting aspects of a city that is a treasure trove in terms of heritage, culture and ceremonies.

Picture Card promotes culture & Heritage: The Picture Post Cards used to be the first collector’s item whenever we used to visit any new city or place as a tourist. Many would keep immediately write a post card to a friend or a family member and send it as a token of remembrance of our visit to that particular place. Many would keep them as souvenirs for a long time. I hope trust that both of these can happen to the Magnificent Madurai Printed Post Cards.

Pictures that speak through the Cards:


  • Aritapatti:  – An heritage site near Narsingampatti on the Madurai Trichy Highway
  • Samanar Hills –Jain Caves at Samanar Hills at Keezhakkuyilkudi in Nagamalai Pudukottai
  • Madurai Mahal – The Famous arches and pillars of the historical Thriumalai Nyakar Mahal with excellent architecture.
  • Madurai Mahal – The splendour of the Mahal during the Sound and Light Program which is a Tourist Attraction
  • Gandhi Museum –Gandhi Museum with decorative lights during the Gandhi Jeyanthi Celebrations
  • Pillars of Alagarkovil –The Spectacular stone carving work on the pillars of the Alagar Kovil Temple
  • Teppakulam –This shot was taken a few years back when the tank was filled with water.
  • Jallikattu –This snap is significant since it was taken at the world famous Alanganallur this year
  • Integrated Bus Stand –An Arial view of both the city bus station and the long distance bust station during night
  • St. Mary’s Church –This was taken during the Annual Church Feast which is the Cathedral of Madurai Diocese
  • Meenakshi Amman Therottam –This snap was taken after the temple cars arrived at their destination during the car festival
  • Goripalayam Dargah –It is a mosque in Madurai where many people go for prayer and cure
  • Sethupathi School This is the place where the noted Tamil nationalist poet Subram-aniabharathi worked as a Teacher
  • Kaaval Theivam –This was shot on the way to Paalamedu on the Alanganallur road
  • Landscape –This snap was taken at the Aavaniapuram Tank during a sun set
  • Railway Station –The Greenery around the Railway Colony starts from the Railway Station
  • Agricultural Work –Just before the harvest season the paddy cultivation in Samayanallur
  • Ayyanar Statue –The Twilight Scene at the road on the way to Aalangulam Village
  • Nandhi –The night view of Nandhi during the Chathurthi Celebrations
  • Flower Market –The Flower market in full bloom during the pongal festival
  • Rajah Muthia Mandaram –The city hall of fame for cultural programs in Madurai
  • Eco Park –The Statues made out of Industrial waste at the Madurai Corporation Eco Park
  • Ethir Sevai –A devotee in Aalagar Costume with the fire sticks of inscence during the chitirai festival
  • Pongal Festival –This was shot during the Pongal Festival for Tourists in a Village near Vadipatti
  • Thiruparankundram –The lush green fertile lands with cultivation at the foothill of Thiruparankundram
  • AV Bridge –The Century old Albert Victor Bridge during night
  • Lourdes Church –The Roman Catholic Church of the Lady of Lourdes in K.Pudur
  • Doll Makers –The doll makers of Vilacheri are  famous for making dolls for all occasions
  • World Tamil Sangam –The World Tamil Sangam Building which the has verses of Thirukural on its compound wall
  • National  Bird –Peacock clicked at the Taj Hotel in Pasumalai


Making of the Cards:  This project took me almost a year to complete as, I wandered around the city day and night to get a particular frame that was visualized in my mind. I had to travel a lot and go through many experiences to capture the city in the way I wanted. It was a real difficult choice, since I had to short list my collections to the best 30 Cards from almost hundreds.

My Canon 1300 and my Car was my companion for relentlessly trying to get some images that would be worth to speak about the city. Now that it has finally blossomed out, I am extremely elated and privileged.

This is a production of my own venture ‘Francis Publications’, which is an entity to make a valuable contribution to the society in terms of personal, professional, social and cultural areas.

How to get the Cards: A pack of 30 Cards which is priced at Rs. 150 will certainly be affordable to all those who want to connect with the city and take its pride further across.

It is available through the website or through a contact via an Email to:


About Our Guest Author :

Nicholas Francis, a person for whom Reading and Writing has not only just been a passion, but more emphatically and energetically is continuing to be a ‘Way of Life’.

The ideation process to launch an entity to be part of the professional world of Publication is just not something that came off the wind all of a sudden. The early college day’s life at St. Joseph’s College, at Tiruchirappalli must also be credited as a motivational factor for this blossoming out now.

The Writing experience started then with contribution to the Indian Express Newspaper, which later on stretched to The Hindu and The College Magazines, Social Magazines and a whole lot of Publications. The Sheer Joy of seeing the words that bubbled out of the mind, which flowed through the Fountain Ink Pen to finally be set to Letter Press in a Printed Format, can never be compared to anything more satisfying to a creator and a thinker.

As a Natural Writer with an Enriching Experience in the Field of Social Work Administration and Development Initiatives, this Passionate Writer has set foot on a Journey as a Professional Publisher and thus was born FRANCIS Publications during the Year 2013.